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Return Policy

Return Policy

Limited Warranty

Mattress is warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. In case of any manufacturing defect (specified below) within 1 year of purchase the mattress will be repaired or replaced with an identical product. In case of any manufacturing defect after the first year or a Prorated Credit Settlement would be made, in case repair not possible.

List of Manufacturing Defects

  • Upon opening, the Roll-Packed mattress should come back to its specified dimensions within 48 hours. If it doesn't come back to the exact dimension of the mattress the product is defective. However, a + or – 15 mm variation in length, width, and thickness is in the tolerance limit.
  • Any sort of fabric damage found on opening the seal is considered to be a defective product.
  • Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling.
  • Reduction of the thickness of greater than 1inch will be considered as sagging and will be treated as a manufacturing defect.

Exclusions of Manufacturing Defect

  • Warranty will not be applicable on regular wear and tear of the cover and stitching. 
  • Mattress is designed to be used on a firm solid surface, any defect found due to improper support for the mattress is not be covered under warranty. 
  • Any improper usage. 
  • Any sort of fabric/stitch/mattress damage caused while opening the seal of the mattress is not covered under the warrant 
  • Firmness or comfort preferences of the product are not considered as defect.
  •  Any visible and lasting indentation (body impression) lesser than 1inch of the total height of the mattress (not associated with a sag in the bed base or cot) is not covered under warranty. 
  • Any damage caused due to liquid spillage is not covered under the warranty. 
  • Mould, dirt or smell resulting from poor mattress care. 
  • Exposure to cold/hot temperatures for a period of time that causes the materials to tear or permanently deform.
  •  Ironing on the mattress voids the warranty. 
  • CALCULATING PRO-RATA - In the unlikely event of your mattress found defective, complete replacement will be given for the first year. If a defect appears after the first year of use, pro-rata money-back warranty is applicable for the balance 4 years. E.g. If the defect appears between the first and second year of usage, pro-rata value in rupees to a consumer, on the mattress purchased at Rs.10,000 with a warranty of 5 years would be (for balance 3 years) (IOOOO/ 5) *3 - Rs 6OOO/-

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