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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy



Terms & Conditions - Mattress

Mattress is warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. In case of any manufacturing defect (specified below) within 1 year of purchase the mattress will be repaired or replaced with an identical product. In case of any manufacturing defect after the first year or a Prorated Credit Settlement would be made, in case repair not possible.

  1. Warranty will be available only in case of product failure due to manufacturing defect.
  2. Product failure is limited to sagging of the core of the mattress.
  3. Warranty doesn’t cover depression of less than 1” up to 5” thick mattresses and 1.5” for more than 5” thick mattresses.
  4. If more than one mattress is bought and one of them is sagged / damaged, then the warranty can be availed only for the sagged / damaged mattress.
  5. Warranty will not be applicable to the wear and tear of the fabric and stitching from regular use. 
  6. Warranty does not cover preference in comfort level and firmness.
  7. Warranty does not cover any damages or sagging of the mattress due to improper size and condition of the cot, uneven resting surface and improper structural design of cot.
  8. Warranty will not cover the damage caused due to ironing. Warranty will not be applicable to any freebies.
  9. Stains occurring on the mattress tapestry after unpacking or removing the packing / poly bag and subsequent use at customer end will not be covered under the warranty. (Reported within 2 days of Delivery).
  10. Opening of stitches (both quilt and tape edge) that is reported after 30 days of the delivery date will not be covered under the warranty.
  11. Quilt loose reported after 30days of the delivery date will not be covered under the warranty.
  12. While the company will do its best to replace the defective mattress at the earliest, the actual time required for replacement will depend on the availability of the product.
  13. Size variation is acceptable ±0.5” for the Length, Width & thickness of the mattresses from the specified sizes.
  14. Warranty is not applicable for any smell that may occur during usage in an enclosed environment, moisture in air due to the surrounding environment / use of air conditioner, excessively wet surface and pouring of liquid on the mattress.
  15. Up on opening, the Roll Packed Mattress should come back to its specified dimensions within 48hours, if it doesn’t come back to the specified dimensions of the mattress, the product is defective. However, ±0.5” variation in length, width and thickness is acceptable as per tolerance limit.
  16. Warranty does not cover user inflicted damages, damages caused to the mattress due to infestation of insects, bugs, and rodents and damage due to any natural calamities.
  17. Warranty will be available only under the proper use of the product.
  18. Warranty its valid only if the product is purchased to avail warranty from an authorized PRDS / Duroflex dealer, PRDS / Duroflex distributors/ PRDS website & authorized marketplace.
  19. Invoice and warranty registration must be provided to avail the warranty.
  20. Warranty will be exercised (as per applicable terms) by replacing the damaged product with an identical product. If identical product is not available at the time of product failure a similar substitute of equal or higher value will be provided or a discount will be provided basis the pro rata calculation towards the purchase of new mattress from Perfect Rest.
  21. The final decision of the warranty will be made by Perfect Rest Pvt Ltd.
  22. Disputes, if any subject to Bangalore jurisdiction.
  23. This warranty policy shall be effective from the 1st of Aug 2022 and supersedes any and all previous policy/ies, whether written or oral.




Warranty Calculation

CALCULATING PRO-RATA - In the unlikely event of your mattress found defective, complete replacement will be given for the first year. If a defect appears after the first year of use, pro-rata money-back warranty is applicable for the balance 4 years. E.g. If the defect appears between the first and second year of usage, pro-rata value in rupees to a consumer, on the mattress purchased at Rs.10,000 with a warranty of 5 years would be (for balance 3 years) (IOOOO/ 5) *3 - Rs 6OOO/- 

Warranty Registration


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