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Perfect Rest Dual Sleep Mattress

MRP: Rs. 5,406.00
Sale Price: Rs. 4,703.00
You save: - 13% OFF You save: - 13% OFF
  • Highest Hygiene Standards
  • High-Tech Back Support
  • 2 Sided Firm And Soft Mattress
  • 100% durable mattress
  • Soft cushioned support

Buy Dual Sleep Mattress online at low price by Perfect Rest which comes with 2 Sided Firm And Soft Mattress for the perfect sleep at the perfect price. Browse our Read More..


Out Of Stock
Perfect Rest Dual Sleep Mattress

Perfect Rest Dual Sleep Mattress

MRP: Rs. 5,406.00
Sale Price: Rs. 4,703.00
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

About Dual Sleep Mattress

Selecting the best mattress gets easy with Perfect Rest Dual Sleep Mattress. Keeping your need for superior support and lasting comfort in mind, this 2 sided mattress is manufactured with highest quality and hygiene standards. Dual sleep mattress uses a premium quality foam to provide exclusive Hi-Tech Back Support for years to come.

Being a 2 sided mattress, it comes with a twin-comfort option by offering you to choose from a soft side and a firm side to sleep on. Perfect Rest Dual sleep is a roll pack mattress that comes in an easy and convenient carry-along bag.

Meet Dual Sleep Mattress

Your shortcuts to a comfortable sleep and expert support is here with Perfect Rest Dual Sleep Mattress.Promising Hi-Tech Back Support with twin-comfort option, with this 2 sided mattress you can choose to sleep on a soft cushiony side or flip it and go for a firm support side in no time.

Highest Hygiene Standards

Enjoy the assurance of high quality and hygienically manufactured product.

High-Tech Back Support

Experience unbeatable comfort with the best built-in back and spine support.

2 Sided Firm and Soft Mattress

2 sided mattress with one soft side and one firm side to meet all your needs.

Other Features

* Comfort Plus Fabric
Soft cushioned support
* Easy Maintenance
Low maintenance, high value
* Long-Lasting
100% durable mattress

Product Specifications

Firmness Medium Firm
Color White
Length Available in 72, 75, 78 (inches)
Width Available in 30, 36, 48, 60, 72 (inches)
Height Available in 4 (inches)
Mattress Type PU Foam
Anti-Sagging Yes